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Blessed is he who is kind to the needy. — Proverbs 14:21


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Phd Thesis Telecommunications VOW is looking for advocates in local communities to be its eyes and ears, hands and feet, and heart and mind. We are looking for women volunteers who can provide a valuable role in their county, state, and region on behalf of women and girls.

VOW Angels can apply for various roles with a range of commitment levels, experience, and responsibilities. Angels will:

  • Network to find potential safe houses, counselors, or other resources available in their area to help women and girls in immediate need.
  • Raise awareness in their neighborhoods, places of worship, and schools about human rights violations and the need for justice.
  • Stay informed of legislative initiatives (or lack there of) in their state, and encourage their community and elected officials to support important human rights laws.
  • Initiate prayer and other ways to connect with women in other states or regions of the country, or countries where partner organizations may exist.

VOW Angels are critical to grassroots activism and any and all recommendations about women you think might be a great fit– including yourself–are greatly valued.

Thank you for considering becoming a VOW angel, VOW is looking forward to hearing from you!

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