Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified. Do not be discouraged. — Deuteronomy 31:6, 8

Who Are The VOW Women? 

Each woman’s or girl’s situation varies, but by working with its partner organizations, foundations, human rights organizations, or other groups, VOW is committed to helping them in ways they need most. Support varies from rescuing women and girls from life-threatening situations, to providing safe houses, medical care, counseling, general financial aid, or individual scholarships.

The women and girls of VOW often leave everything they have in pursuit of freedom and recovery. Often, these women and girls are risking their lives and find themselves in terrible situations where they are taken advantage of or abused because they do not have safe alternative to the life they left behind. VOW wants to break that cycle and offer these woman and girls valid, safe, and new opportunities to build their lives and become positive role models, contributing members of societies and a living testimony of hope.

VOW works tirelessly to find, contact and help women and girls around the world that needs VOW’s help. If you are a woman or girl that needs VOW’s help or if you know of a woman or girl that needs VOW’s help! Please contact VOW today.

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http://www.papilouve.com/how-to-compile-a-bibliography/ How To Compile A Bibliography Phone: 1-844-4- THE VOW (843-869)
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