She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy. — Proverbs 31:20

What Are VOW Projects?

VOW works with organizations all over the world that provide a range of services to women and girls in immediate and ongoing need within its 4R Mission: rescue, restore, reform, reclaim.

These organizations help rescue women and girls from life-threatening situations, provide them with food, clothing, and shelter, medical care, transportation, and options to live their lives without fear. These organizations also offer counseling and help relocate women and children to safe houses or help them reunite with missing family members.

Other organizations are committed to pursuing legal action to carry out punishment for injustices committed and to enact laws to prevent further atrocities from occuring. Still others, are working with women to tell their stories and offer encouragement to others.

Survivors suffer ongoing consequences from situations they did not create but nevertheless must deal with in order to live a life of victory, as much as possible, without fear. Supporting VOW and its collaboration with these organizations is critical to its multi-faceted efforts to transform the lives of women and girls from victim to victor.

VOW works tirelessly to find and contact organizations to partner with to make VOW’s mission a reality. If you are an organization, Church or institution that wants to partner with VOW to start a new project or fund an ongoing project, VOW wants to hear from you! Please contact VOW today.

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In the areas of Rescue, Restore, Reform, and Reclaim.

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