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There are different kinds of gifts; There are different kinds of service; There are different kinds of working. The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body.
— 1 Corinthians 12: 4-6, 12

What Is A VOW Agent?

A VOW agent is a woman who has taken the VOW to no longer be silent and to take an active role in ending the abuse of women and girls in their own communities and globally. They represent VOW’s 4R Commitment Of Service: Rescue, Restore, Reform, and Reclaim.

Individuals, Yet One Body Of Agents

VOW sees its agents as encompassing traits of each of these roles, but being matched to the one that best fits their abilities and interests. VOW hopes to act as one body of women dedicated to helping others by using our gifts and talents to help women and girls as much as possible.

VOW recognizes that together we are stronger. We cannot do this alone. We look forward to meeting women willing to join VOW in its mission and to becoming a part of its ever expanding network of women dedicated to speaking for the countless voiceless women and girls worldwide.

Eyes & Ears

Women on the ground who are aware of dangers that other women and girls face in their own neighborhoods. These agents recognize opportunities for VOW to intercede, victims for VOW to help, and areas in which VOW can engage in preventative measures.

These VOW agents will identify local needs to bring to VOW’s attention and prioritize them by urgency and actionable importance. They will also identify legislation for VOW to support and communicate to its network of volunteers and partner organizations. They will also identify opportunities for neighborhood advocacy and fundraising events, potential donors, and/or speaking engagements for VOW leaders to discuss goals, needs, and success stories. These women are committed to Reclaiming justice for women and girls.

Hands & Feet

Women who will help VOW find existing, or identify new safe houses, transport rescued victims, volunteer at women’s shelters, network with local churches or other religious organizations, liaise with local law enforcement, medical and counseling providers, and other volunteers in order to help victims in immediate need. These women are committed to Rescue efforts.

Heart & Spirit

Women who actively support VOW through prayer and prayer outreach. They act as encouragers to victims and agents. They rejoice in victories and mourn with those who mourn. These women are committed to bringing Restoration to wholeness for the brokenhearted, discouraged, fearless, and hopeless. These agents network with organizations dedicated to helping rescued victims recover and transform their lives from victim to victor.

Mind & Mouth

Women who will contact their political, religious and community leaders to reform laws, regulations and standards to accomplish VOW’s mission. These women will also build our networking web through their relationships with various political, religious and community leaders. These women are committed to Reform.

Become A VOW Agent

VOW hopes to make the world a safer place for little girls to keep their innocence, become educated, and DREAM BIG. VOW exists to help women become free to pursue their personal or professional passion– an artist, business woman, dancer, inventor, mother, singer, and/or wife– without fear, intimidation, or persecution.

VOW welcomes all adult women over the age of 18 who believes their passion, skill, or talent could best serve VOW’s purpose, projects and women.

VOW works with many vulnerable women and prioritizes their safety as well as all of its volunteers and staff. VOW retains the right to require a background check for all applicants as part of the application process.

Once an applicant is approved, VOW will send private contact information as part of its privacy and security policy. If an applicant is the first agent in a particular region or community, that agent can choose to become the primary point of contact for other agents as well as recruit others to join the VOW network. VOW’s team offers support to its agent network as it expands its efforts. VOW agents are granted online access to a secure website to access a plethora of resources, including orientation videos, training materials, contact lists, and helpful tools to network and recruit new agents. Leaders apply and are assigned to regions of the country, by state and county; and similarly, internationally.

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