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The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. — John 1:5

In A Descriptive Essay An Author https://cheapessaywritings24.com Write My Essay VOW seeks to expose the devastating reality of millions of women and girls living worldwide who live in fear and under oppression.

Help Essay 123 By educating the public and advocating that laws be implemented and enforced, VOW hopes to protect women and girls from atrocities committed because of cultural, religious, social or political norms. Many countries legally and culturally institutionalize abuse and violence of women and girls, including forced abortion, slavery, torture, and murder.

Worldwide violence against women and girls includes Acid Attacks, Domestic Violence, FGM, Forced Marriage, Honor Violence, Sexual Violence and Rape, and a range of human and civil rights abuses that cross over these crimes.

Acid Attacks

A violent assault where acid or another corrosive substance is thrown on another human being’s body with the intention to torture and disfigure.

Domestic Violence

A systemic pattern of violence primarily affecting women and children, controlling victims through abuse, fear, and manipulation; more than half of abused women are murdered.


A gender-based crime affecting more than 200 million women and girls whose genitalia were mutilated/cut according to 1 of 4 types of FGM.

Forced Marriage

When one or both parties are married without their consent; involves child brides (mostly girls married to adult men), sex-trafficked women/girls married against their will, and two adults marrying despite one’s refusal.

Honor Violence

The physical, mental and psychological abuse or murder of a woman or girl by a relative when she is perceived to cause her family dishonor.

Human Trafficking

Exploitation of people as property. Otherwise called modern-day slavery, it is the third largest criminal enterprise in the world. Mostly women and girls are kidnapped, recruited, transported, transferred, harbored, received, bought and sold using force and violence for profit.

Sexual Assault & Rape

Primarily a gender-based crime committed against women and girls who are forced to submit to sexual acts, including penetration.


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