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Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.
— Isaiah 1:17


VOW is the Voices Of Women

We are women who have taken the VOW to tirelessly raise our voices to expose and rid from our neighborhoods the relentless cultural and religious persecution of women and girls.

Homework Organizational Help We will not remain silent– or be silenced.

VOW aims to rescue, restore, reform, and reclaim life for women and girls. Founded for women, by women, VOW speaks on behalf of the persecuted, offers strength for the weak, and hope for the hopeless.

VOW’s 4R Commitment

VOW is an organization of women speaking for the countless women and girls voicelessly suffering from political, ideological, religious, and societal oppression worldwide. VOW is educating the public and exposing inhumane practices being committed against women and girls worldwide. VOW also seeks justice and reconciliation through its 4R Commitment: Rescue, Restore, Reform, Reclaim.


VOW is dedicated to partnering with organizations that offer emergency response and rescue efforts to women and girls worldwide. VOW continues to expand its network of organizations that offer emergency medical care, safe houses, and transitional services to women and girls in need of immediate safety.


VOW is committed to supporting organizations who are providing much needed ongoing medical, psychological, and spiritual counseling to women and girls who’ve endured traumatic experiences and survived crises. VOW also provides educational and needs-based scholarships with the hope of helping women and girls to become self-sufficient, pursue their personal and professional goals, and live in freedom without fear.


VOW agents are committed to advancing legislation at the local, state, and federal level that safeguards women and girls from violence and abuse– and holds their abusers accountable. VOW agents are its hands and feet, eyes and ears, and mouth and heart on the ground to respond and advocate for their community’s needs both in America and abroad. Reform requires love in action. It also requires exposing the “Villains” who argue that violence and abuse of women and girls are “normal” practices that all societies should endorse.


VOW fights against oppression and victimization but also rejoices in victory. VOW shines the light on women who overcame impossible odds and seemingly insurmountable obstacles to now be living examples of victory. VOW highlights “Victors” who are ambassadors in their own communities. They are hopeful and productive members of society. They are committed to preparing the next generation of girls to be even more bold. And, they are dedicated to breaking the generational silence of and cycle of violence and abuse.

VOW is ever expanding its collaboration with foundations, humanitarian organizations, and a range of ministries to turn its vision of women and girls living in freedom into reality. And, to helping them transform from victims to victors.


VOW was founded to help all women and girls in need. VOW’s staff is comprised of women who are Jewish, Christian, and Secularists. VOW strives to continue to add a diverse group of women as staff members for the single purpose of freedom and safety for women and girls worldwide. VOW aids individual women, girls and organizations regardless of their cultural background, ethnicity, faith, or race. VOW welcomes the opportunity to partner and network with organizations worldwide to help women and girl transform their lives from victim to victor. We partner with women of all faiths; our writers and advocates represent diverse ethnicities and belief systems; we partner with feminists, secularists, those who believe in the importance of separation religion and state and others. VOW believes that people from all political backgrounds, religious backgrounds, race, sexual orientation, and nationalities can come together and agree that acid attacks, domestic violence, female genital mutilation, honor violence, forced marriage, human trafficking, sexual assault and rape should never happen. These same people can put their differences aside and unite in fighting the oppression of girls and women around the world.

Regardless of their background and faith,  Pnp Business Plan Writer The women of VOW offer compassion, hope, and joy to those who have survived the darkest days of sorrow. We rejoice in a new dawn.

Join us— in our VOW— to speak for the voiceless.

Join us— in our VOW— to seek justice, encourage the oppressed, defend the cause of the fatherless, and plead the case of the widow.

Join us— in our VOW— to transform the lives of women and girls from victims to victors.

VOW affirm’s its Statement of Faith:

VOW exists to glorify God in all that we do, specifically for the voiceless women and girls who cannot defend themselves. We are inspired to advocate for widows and orphans, and women and girls, who are inhumanely violated on a daily basis because of oppressive political, religious, or societal norms.

We VOW to expose the institutionalized practices that solely harm women and girls, including child marriage, domestic violence, female genital mutilation, forced abortions, honor killings, and the multi-billion-dollar industry of sex-trafficking and slave labor.

We ask the Christian community to partner with us to offer healing to rescued women and girls who’ve survived some of the most evil aspects of inhumanity.

We believe that true freedom comes from the truth revealed in the Old and New Testament scriptures of the Bible, which all point to the healing and atoning work of Jesus Christ.

We believe that these scriptures are the infallible, inherent, and inspired Word of God, which enable us to know God personally and live rightly. We affirm that God is the author of our salvation and the Creator of the universe. Through Him all things exist, for His glory.

We believe that there is only One living and true God, who exists in three distinct persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. All three are one in substance, and equal in power and glory.

We believe in God’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who is both fully God and fully man. We affirm that Jesus was born of a virgin and lived a perfect, sinless life. His sacrificial death on the cross justified those whom he now calls His children, ensuring that nothing could ever separate them from God’s love.

We affirm that Jesus was bodily raised from the dead, ascended to Heaven, sits at the right hand of God the Father, and continuously intercedes on behalf of His children.

We acknowledge that we love others only because God first loved us. Because of His agape love, fear cannot exist. His “perfect love,” which “drives out fear,” surpasses all differences of belief systems, cultural backgrounds, or familial circumstances. We rejoice in communion with other believers, knowing we also will be resurrected to live eternally with Jesus Christ in a new world where sorrow, pain, and death will be no more. All will be made new. All will be made right. Forever.

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